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The Secretary for Gender, Children, Disability and Social Welfare Esmie Kainja visited two women who both gave birth to two sets of triplets at Dowa District Hospital.

The two women namely Georgina Haward whose children are all alright and Catherine Saukira who lost two of the children gave birth to the triplets at the hospital on 25 September 2018. The women received assorted items such as; beddings, buckets, basins and money amounting to k50, 000 each.

Kainja said that the ministry went to meet the mothers as it has the overall mandate to look after the welfare of children and provide public assistance to households that are poor.

"There is more than k700, 000 allocated to Early Childhood Development and there is also more than 8 billion allocated to social protection which has a public assistance budget that goes to children," she said.

Kainja then advised the women to use family planning methods and to take good care of their children.

Commenting on the loss of two children from one set of triplets, Senior Nursing Officer at Dowa District Hospital Chimwemwe Machika said statistics show that the causes of death among infants include anaemia and blood pressure.

“We experience 5-10 premature babies, 3 in 10 children die at birth, we usually have 10-15 deliveries in a day, 200-300 mothers in maternity wardand 50-100 in the antenatal ward. The major issues leading to premature births are mostly