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Ministry of Finance, Economic Planning and Development in conjunction with the Ministry of Gender, Children, Disability and Social Welfare has started conducting Unified Beneficiary Registration (UBR) training in Chitipa.

The UBR training aims to equip the National Training Team (NTT), District Training Team (DTT), and District Social Support Committee (DSSC) with skills on how to conduct the whole registration process. The process of data collection for the UBR database  is done through DTT training sessions supervised by the NTT, while DTT closely supervises household interviews conducted by Data Collection Team (Enumerators).

UBR which is the information database comprising data for every household member within a district helps to improve program efficiency and effectiveness by strengthening the harmonization of targeting approaches and processes for the beneficiaries of social support programs at national and district level, enhance and strengthen the coordination of social support programs at the national level through need-based distribution of social support programs and ensure tracking of the enrollment of beneficiaries from social support programs.

In his remarks the Deputy Director for Social Cash Transfer Program in the Ministry of Gender, Children, Disability and Social Welfare Mr. Laurent Kansinjiro said, “The training went on well and that the trainees have undertaken practical experience that when they go in the field they will conduct successful interviews,”

Kansinjiro emphasized that it is the aim of UBR registration exercise to capture data for every household, henceforth everyone would be required to possess National Identity Cards for verification of citizenry. UBR will leave no one behind and data collection will be done using electronic tablets.

“We have benefited a lot from the training on how to conduct ODK (Computer Assisted Interviews) and interview ethics, we are now able to expound the difference between the UBR registration and other registrations that have been happening recently”, Said Gaisa Bandaone of the DTT member present at the training.

The trainings have started with Chitipa and it is expected to extend to other districts where retargeting is in session like Mchinji, Salima, Balaka, Likoma, Mangochi, Machinga and Phalombe. After these districts the trainings will move to other districts that will be due for retargeting and ready for data collection.

The exercise is ran under the supervision of Ministry of Finance, Economic Planning and Development  and commenced on 16th of October 2018 at Fwasa Lodge. Thus, 28 DTT’s, 15 DSSC’s and about 30 NTT’s were in attendance