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Ministry of Gender, Children, Disability and Social Welfare will launch the Ndiulula, I won’t Be Silent campaign during the launching ceremony of the 2018 16 Days of Activism Campaign Against Gender Based Violence which will take place on Friday, 23rd November 2018 at College of Medicine in Blantyre.

Ndiulula, I won’t Be Silent Campaign aims at helping victims of abuse in the workplace to break the silence on violence, especially sexual harassment, strengthening mechanisms that are dealing with sexual harassment issues, and bringing out solidarity in the community.

Speaking during media orientation meeting on Wednesday at Linde Motel in Dowa, Malawi Congress of Trade Union, (MCTU) Deputy Director for workers, education and gender Mrs. Jersey Ching'oma says the MCTU which is also part of the campaign has received overwhelming cases of gender based violence at work places and says it is time for the country to take a coordinated action against the perpetrators of the malpractice.

“The issue of sexual harassment is mostly due to lack of awareness on issues of rights, people need to know that they have a right to descent jobs, and that sexual violence is unwanted, unethical and counter-work productive behavior which affects the psychological, physical and biological wellbeing of the victims.” Ching’oma added.

On her part, Doreen Kayoyo who is a member of Youth Activista, championing the campaign said the campaign is coming at a right time when they are launching it during the period of 16 days of activism on 23rd November. The 2018 16 Days of Activism theme is “End Gender Based Violence in the World of Work which is in line with Ndiulula’s awareness in decent work and decent life. Ndiulula as a platform is being used to shade more light on issues of sexual harassment. The distinctiveness about the campaign is that it is victim- centered and a young women led campaign that is focusing more on violence on the work place.

"Ndiulula- I won’t be silent" campaign is a digital and media driven platform where women who are sexually harassed at work place will greatly be empowered to report cases of gender based violence to relevant authorities with financial support from Action Aid.