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The Ministry of Gender, Children, Disability and Social Welfare has argued that creating the National Commission for Children is not necessary because the commission is a duplication of structures and may lead to inefficient utilization of resources

Speaking during a press briefing held at Capitol Hill the Minister responsible Cecilia Chazama said that the Commission will further require funding from Government even though it has no mandate to implement services.

“As a Minister of Gender, Children, Disability and Social Welfare, my utmost priority is to see an increase in resources for my Ministry to deliver effectively,” Chazama said.

The bill was referred to the Social and Community Affairs and Legal Affairs Committees of Parliament for further scrutiny and consultation because it was observed that it wasn’t  informed by thorough consultations; and based on research; existing laws, policies and programs.

The bill emanates from the motion that was moved in parliament in June 2018 in which a number of pertinent issues were articulated, including Child Protection; disconnect between commitments and implementation of laws and policies and also the need to recruit child protection workers.

In contrast to the proposed Commission, the ministry recommends that Child Care Protection and Justice Act be reviewed and amended on the section that provides powers for the review of the  Case Review Board in line with Section 150 of the Child Care, Protection and Justice Act (2010). This is because the Case Review Board has broader composition and more encompassing functions than the proposed Commission.