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The new Minister for Gender, Children, Disability and Social Welfare, Cecilia Chazama MP embarked on a familiarization tour of the Ministry’s various programmes and projects from 18th-20th December 2018 in Blantyre and Mulanje.

The Minister started her tour with a visit to the Child Justice Court in Blantyre. Speaking at the court the Minister highlighted how the Government, through the Ministry is committed to the protection of vulnerable children in Malawi through provision of various services including justice for all.

The Minister commended the court for the good work that it is doing in dispensing justice to women and children.

 “I am pleased with the good working relationship between the Judiciary through this Court and my Ministry through the Probation Officer who is working on full time basis at this court.” Chazama said.

From the Child Justice Court the Minister proceeded to Mpemba Reformatory Centre where children are sent for counselling.  At the reformatory Centre, the Minister advised the workers to be dedicated in assisting the children to ensure their bright future.

In response to challenges that the institution faces which were raised by the Principal Georgina Navicha such as challenges as transportation and lack of classroom equipment, Chazama assured the Institution that the government is aware of the challenges and that the ministry will assist the centre. The Minister then donated 120 blankets for distribution to Mpemba and Chilwa Reformatory Centres.

Later in the day the minister witnessed the Social Cash Transfer Program (SCTP) payment in one of the clusters in Mpemba where she highlighted how SCTP is improving people’s lives through poverty reduction and urged the beneficiaries to adopt the banking system of receiving money as it is the fastest and most reliable means of receiving money.