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The Minister of Gender, Children, Disability and Social Welfare Cecilia Chazama has commended Our Aim Foundation (AIM) for prioritizing the grassroots in areas of women’s health, hygiene and economic empowerment.

The Minister made the remarks during the official launch of the Tongozala Community Centre in Mchinji.

She said that the centre has come at the right time and will assist government to fulfil its policies and strategies. Chazama added that the organization’s use of sustainable energy and community approach is very admirable and is a critical aspect in ensuring sustainability of the work done at the centre.

 “It is pleasing that the organization is using sustainable sources of power such as the solar power and it is also investing in community engagement at the local level,” said Chazama.

The Minister then advised the organization to closely work with Mchinji District Council to lessen the plight of the vulnerable in the district.   

Speaking at the event founder and CEO of Our Aim Foundation (AIM) Community Centre, Nisha Mandani says the Foundarion is centered on women empowerment.

“We have planned several vocational trainings programs with qualified teachers & trainers to make our Mchinji women become financially independent,” Nisha said.

The Centre is providing ECD and women economic empowerment, eco-stove production services, sewing lessons, sanitary products, and also has a clinic.