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Minister for Gender, Children, Disability and Social Welfare Mary Thom Navicha visited Mwamadi Community Based Child Care Centre (CBCC) T.A. Nkula in Machinga as one way of motivating the care givers who have been teaching children without receiving any monetary incentives.

Speaking during her visit the Minister said the Ministry has plans to start giving out incentives to caregivers.

“We are planning to start giving the incentives to our care givers with funding from donors in particular Roger Federer Foundation. We have just signed the agreement between the Ministry of Gender and Roger Federer Foundation and one of the activities and interventions is to give our care givers an incentive every month”, the Minister said.

According to Navicha Ministry of Gender is very committed to providing ECD services to all children in the country. She added that the Ministry will construct a further 250 ECDs across the country.

In her remarks Mwayi Maulidi a mentor of T/A Nkula who is responsible for looking after CBCCs in the area stressed out that some caregivers in the area have worked for at least 10 years without receiving any incentive and emphasized how caregivers are in dire need of incentives as they do more work in getting the children ready for primary school.

“We face so many challenges like lack of caregivers training, lack of food to feed the children, need for more blocks since there is quite a huge number of children at the CBCC, and  let me ask the government to consider adding caregivers on the pay roll.” Said Maulidi.


Mwamadi CBCC has over 370 trained caregivers and horde 210 children. Government through the Ministry of Gender, Children, Disability and Social Welfare will start providing incentives for caregivers in CBCCs.