The department commemorates major events every year. These include:

  1. The Day of the African Child which falls on 16 June
  2. National ECD Week of Action
  3. International Day of the Girl Child which falls on 11 October
  4. International Day of Prayer for Child Protection which falls on 20 November
  5. Day for Street Connected Children which falls on 13 April
  6. International Events that the department participates

 International engagements

The department participates in a number of international engagements on issues affecting children. These include:

  • Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) (New York)
  • The Ordinary Session on Human and Peoples Rights in March and September
  • SADC meetings on OVC&Y, Trafficking in Persons and Violence against children
  • African Union Meetings
  • UN General Assembly
  • UN Regional meetings on ECD and Child Protection
  • UPR every five years
  • ACWERC every two years
  • UN CRC Committee every five years
  • And other international adhoc meetings


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