Globally, the population of older persons is estimated at around 600 million. In Malawi, the population of older persons is on the increase. The 2018 Population and Housing Census (PHC) report shows that there are around one million older persons representing 5.4% of the national population. In Malawi, old age is often characterized by extreme poverty, poor housing conditions, loss of dignity, becoming a victim of difficult circumstances including providing care and support to vulnerable and orphaned children among other challenges (National Policy for Older Persons, 2016). At these ages, people become more vulnerable to socio-economic shocks and have limited capacity to sustain their lives.

The Elderly Affairs Section coordinates the implementation of programmes aimed at, among other things:

  1. Providing policy guidance and technical support and advice on ageing
  2. Promoting and protecting the rights of older persons
  3. Ensuring livelihood enhancement and resilience building for the elderly through social protection interventions
  4. Eradication of violence against the elderly
  5. Building capacity of staff and stakeholders

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