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Ministry condemns the influx of Covid-19 misconceptions and myths
10 Feb 2021

Ministry condemns the influx of Covid-19 misconceptions and myths

The Ministry of Civic Education and National Unity has slammed perpetrators of those disseminating the myths that Covid-19 is not real and affects only the elderly and those residing in towns. The Ministry said these fallacies are only hampering government efforts to fight the pandemic for Covid-19 is circulating in the country and can affect anyone.

Minister of Civic Education and National Unity, Honourable Timothy Pagonachi Mtambo made these remarks on during the weekly live briefs at the Central Office of information in which different government ministries, agencies and partners inform and update the nation on various interventions they are undertaking in the fight against Covid-19. “It is unfortunate and disheartening to note that there are some cruel Malawians who still spread fake news to make believe that Covid-19 is not real. “Others believe that the disease is for the rich and people who live in cities and towns. Again, this is not true.  Covid-19 can attack any other person, whether rich or poor; old or young; town dweller or villager. It has no boundaries. It attacks anyone regardless of status,” the Minister emphasized. 

Honorable Mtambo also reported that Ministry of Civic Education in partnership with Ministries of Health, Information and National Initiative for Civic Education conducted community awareness campaigns on Covid-19 preventive measures through laud hailing beginning with Lilongwe Urban and Rural. The also disclosed that the ministry mobilized vehicles from government ministries and departments through the office of the President and Cabinet (OPC) for the same purpose of conducting awareness campaigns.  

“The Ministry of Civic Education and National Unity is doing all it could, in collaboration with other partners to fight against the pandemic of Covid-19 through intensive information dissemination campaign beginning with Lilongwe rural and Urban,” he said. Similarly, he urged traditional leaders, religious leaders, and civic leaders to urge their subjects to observe the recommended covid-19 containment and preventive measures.

“Let me appeal to traditional, religious and civic leaders to encourage their subjects, members and communities to follow all the preventive measures. The fight against the pandemic is multi-sectoral. As such, let us all join hands to combat this deadly disease,” he appealed.

In his remarks, the chairperson of Covid-19 Taskforce, Dr. John Phuka commended the Ministry for such plans as most people in country needs to be reached with rightful messages for the country to win the battle as a lot of people are misled with fake news.

“Most people are now reluctant to come the hospital because they were misinformed that at hospitals we do not have enough bed space and once they come they will be diagnosed with Covid-19. All these are misinformation, that needs civic education agencies to assist in parrying off such misconceptions and myths,” said Phuka.

The Public Communication Cluster introduced the dairy briefs through television and radio which serve as platform for government ministries and partners to inform the public and update the nation on interventions they have employed to deal with the pandemic. The briefs are conducted every day from 18:00 hours to 19:00 hours.

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